Why You Can’t Develop in a Vacuum

A few days ago I caught myself pondering over a relatively benign question. My friend and I were enjoying a cup of tea together via Skype, when I responded to her question, “How do you market your business?” with, “I treat every individual like a community of communities.”

We were talking about how I manage my sales process and customer relationships. The implication of what I shared, reflecting many years of development in my thinking, is greater than I can describe here .

The model is something like—each individual is a whole made up of disparate parts—beliefs, habits, past experiences, current contextual views. These parts of a whole are also part of a web of relationships or communities (multiple ‘webs’ depending on whether you want to slice it that way). People are embodiments of their experiences, communities, and oftentimes things far greater than what can be expressed in a mere moment.

I find myself constantly overcoming complacency, laziness, avoidance tactics, and various resistance in myself and others, particularly when it comes to expanding my vision to include a bigger holistic worldview. In an age of information overload, I understand why people are closed off to all this information.

In my world it’s not enough to live my life pretending to be in a vacuum and just take care of myself. This extends to others as well—you can’t just take care of yourself and everything will be fine. This do-it-yourself by yourself American Hero ideal is NOT ideal!

We are not meant to live life alone, we weren’t meant to suppress our peers to appear better, more skilled, more evolved than them.

We win or lose in this modern life together. We were meant to raise the level of the sea together, bring others with us, grow and challenge and deepen our dependency on each other. We were meant to give up control and let the natural flow and momentum of what wants to be created to come alive, blossom, and kiss us with its fragrance—an experience we could never have if we dwell alone.

Some consider this a limiting belief. I believe inhabiting a human body is the epitome of limitation! Despite our concrete limitations, we are connected to a much larger whole through our collective consciousness and emotional systems, I think this is a by-product of our as of yet misunderstood conscious mind-stuff or self-awareness.

When we start to relate to ourselves as parts of greater wholes, our being starts to align with how the real world works, not how we see it to be. The universe is constructed out of smaller parts that build up to larger wholes, which are but still smaller parts of still larger wholes. What makes it so difficult to accept the reality that you are part of a much larger whole, and you participate in the perpetual creation of reality with your thoughts?

Our next evolutionary step is not an upgraded, more resilient human body with superior DNA that can process faster, and perform better. Our next evolutionary step is to identify and participate in the evolution of our chosen communities in harmony with nature around us, just as cells do the organs they makeup.

Losing oneself in the vastness of the whole is the first step at finding your true nature. Try on for size that you understand nothing about your current experience. It’s an excellent starting place.

Do you have experiences of losing your sense of self to a feeling of connection with a greater whole? Share in the comments!