Matthew Koren has a knack for cutting through confusion that holds people back from realizing their genius. He is an entrepreneur and consultant who has been serving his clients for seven years. He identifies the core malfunction or “stuck places” in a corporate environment or individual relationships and catalyzes a shift to allow for deep and lasting change. He does this by restoring communication where it has been lost and providing a safe space for whole people to emerge. His process is to allow clients to create clarity of purpose, strength of resolve, and confidence at their own pace using their innate intelligence. He creates a solid foundation that leads to ultimate success. Over time, he identifies the core genius of those he works with. He helps people get into a flow that causes profound shifts. 

After coming to the realization that he was effecting the evolution of whole teams in his individual practice, as well as consulting projects, he decided to start his own firm focused on creating powerful leaders and the high-performing teams that support them. Today, his consulting firm serves Fortune 1000 firms as well as small business owners.

Matthew gets most excited when he sees that ‘Aha’ moment in his clients, where explorations and insight intersect to create a beautiful realization that transforms a situation or business. The key for him is finding a way for people to maintain the transformation. His ability to educate, sustain and nurture his clients is his greatest gift. His most impactful coaching provides a global perspective change informed by his years of experience studying mindfulness traditions. He clears the dust on the mirror of the Higher Self so that one’s light can shine through. 

Matthew’s practice attracts people from around the world who value excellence, and overall life balance. His passion and keenest talent is to educate and inspire his clients to find their true genius, and teach them proven skills that assure a lifetime of nourishing achievement. 

In his free time he loves strategy games like  Dominion and Settler’s of Catan. He also loves to bake things and has a pretty good gluten-free pancake recipe down. A renaissance man of many forms, he is excited to experiment with life, love, and the magic which these worlds bring to him and to those with which he works.

“I am passionate about creating powerful leaders and the high-performing teams that support them.

First, I listen deeply to understand each individual’s story and learn how the group as whole listens to itself. Then,

we push the boundaries of the group to create an ambitious and clear vision for the future. Finally, we architect the team

that will get us there through collaboration tools, structure for fulfillment, and communication practices that support the team in

realizing its full potential with ease.”

— Matthew Koren