Netflix debuts new documentary ‘13th’ on the mass incarceration problem in the USA

The point is if you haven’t seen this documentary, you’re still not doing enough to end institutional racism and support the equal rights of all people. Everyone needs to take 2-hours to search for ‘13th’ on Netflix and understand why Ava DuVernay is currently the biggest mass media contributor to the conversation on racial justice and #blacklivesmatter in this country.

Fortunately, it’s now easy to see such an incredibly honest and straight-forward look at a very complex national issue. If you don’t have Netflix, find a friend, hold a viewing party, but get this out there!

As Americans we’re are still dealing with the impact of slavery generations later, and no matter how you sugarcoat it, the black/white divide in this country is still present and continuing to take on different forms of oppression, both personal and institutional.

It’s O.K. to cry. It’s O.K. to mourn. Ignoring what we’ve done by turning a blind eye only makes the issue worse. If you want to help, educate yourself on how slavery is still present in the US today. Watch ‘13th’ on Netflix.

While I think it’s important to acknowledge both sides of a complex issue (thanks to all the police that make our streets safe!), it’s hard to have compassion for a system (as opposed to people) that abuses human rights by taking advantage of slave labor via incarcerated individuals—and while 40% of them are black males, they’re not the only ones being abused by the slave trade that is the prison-industrial complex.

Let me know your thoughts on the documentary!