Why Japan!?


As you may know, I’ve been pursuing metaphysical studies ever since I can remember to support and empower the organizational and leadership development work that I do in the world. It’s really all about consciousness expansion.

The communication tools and distinctions of Landmark Education and the many other personal development systems I’ve studied provide a reliable and powerful method for creating transformation in the lives of my clients and those with which I work.

I’ve been extremely proud of what my clients have been able to produce in the world: from starting nonprofits and social enterprises, to creating human friendly workplaces that unlock the innovative potential of their people. And not just their professional achievements, but personal ones in the realm of relationships, finances, self-confidence, and empowerment.

Of course, walking my own talk: my husband Brandon and I have seen numerous expansions in our own life including our marriage in the Columbia River gorge, the move from renting to owning two homes, enjoying amazing travel experiences around the world like our year abroad in S. America, and curating an amazing community of friends and family which enliven and uplift us daily.


Over the last decade of coaching entrepreneurs, executives, teams and my personal clients, I’ve discovered that the best structures in the world go nowhere without the energy to take advantage of those structures.

Like a race car engine that has no gas, distinctions and realizations discovered in those ontological experiences get you no where fast when you fail to care for and develop your energy body.

All the world’s wisdom traditions point to this important facet of human consciousness development, and implore seekers like us to dive deep into understanding the nonlinear, illogical, quantum experience of reality. In other words, the energy.


For the next three days I will be in Japan, I will be preparing for a high-level initiation into one of the world’s great mystery traditions. Prep and study for this experience has been about 7 years in development, and I’d like to take this moment to thank you for your support, feedback, and guidance throughout those years that have allowed me to land where I am today.

With this initiation, I’m dedicating my life to serving others by helping them unlock the potential of their being, attune to their Higher Self (skt. Atman), and allow love and compassion to flow through their life.

With gratitude and grace, it is my honor to have known you as I once was. I look forward to getting to know you as who I will be after this experience.